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Fancy Feet - Button up your Boot Socks

Fancy Feet - Button up your Boot Socks - CICIS Fashion Boutique

Fancy Feet - Button up your Boot Socks

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Catching up with your friends, going for a late night movie or trick or treating on the coldest night this holiday season? No Worries you will love this leg hugging accessory.The Fancy Feet boot socks are so pretty, they are meant to be seen and not meant to keep under wraps or hidden under the boots. Wear yours over the leggings and harem pants, even with your little black dress and let it show the fun side of you. Come neatly packed in textured cable knits with big buttons and cozy colors of the season: made from Cotton Polyester blend for easy car taking machine washable. Coco, Black, Mauve Pink, Red, Grey, Dark Brown.
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