POMPOM LOVE Adorable Knee High Socks

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POMPOM LOVE Adorable Knee High Socks

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Baby it's cold outside. Wear your favorite POMPOM LOVE Knee High Socks!Must admit, once a Pom Pom lover, always a Pom Pom lover! Nothing puts instant smile on the face and melts the heart like the PomPoms do. Lets prove our POMPOM LOVE once again, get these Adorable Knee High Socks to compliment your High boots and stay cozy all Winter long.. No need to wear leggings when you have these Acrylic cable knits that provide all the warmth and the playful Pom Poms make your Winter wear look all fun and flirty.Fall in POMPOM LOVE again this Holiday Season with these Fuzzy and Super cute, Adorable Knee High Socks you will be glad you found them! DETAILS: Socks are made of 100% Acrylic cable knit.24 Inches Tall and 4 Inches Wide.PomPom attached to a 10 Inch Long string.They come in Fall and Winter colors like: Grey, White, Coffee, Black, Charcoal and Coco.
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